Acetyl chloride
Colorless transparent fuming liquid with a pungent gas. Melting point -112℃, boiling point 52℃......
Propionyl chloride
Colorless liquid with pungent odor. Soluble in ethanol, decompose in water. Density (20℃) 1.0646,......
Butyryl chloride
Specification:99.60%,Monthly output(200)......
Isobutyryl chloride
Colorless liquid. Melting point -90℃, boiling point 92℃, relative density 1.017 4(20℃)......
  Jiangyin Yuecheng Jiangnan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, etc. Main products include: Acetyl chloride, propionyl chloride, butyryl chloride, isobutyryl chloride, tetraethylammonium bromide, etc. which are legally producing and marketing products examined and approved by official sectors. Our company always occupy a certain market share in high quality acyl chloride products. Our products sell good in Europe, US, Southeast Asia and domestic market and won trust and praise from our customers.
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